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M.B.A. — (Mostly) Men in Business Administration?

Only 25-35% of M.B.A. students are women. So why are women holding the proverbial door open for men? If that social grace is becoming the norm, I prefer to be considered ungraceful.

Obviously, I am not proposing that getting an M.B.A. is the only way to succeed. I do think it is one means of measurement. However, whether or not women have an M.B.A., it is just as important for them to network well. But how can women better network and explore their options?

I recently read an article in the Financial Times regarding networking events for women and was sorely disappointed. While I understand golf outings might not attract women, I also think that private fashion shows and boutique evenings are a sad second to traditional male-infused networking events.

If we are to level the playing field, we should focus on how to acclimate women to the business world, rather than pander to gender stereotypes. I think women need to feel comfortable in current environments before creating new ones. By creating women-only networking events, aren’t we just separating ourselves further from the equation?


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