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Levi’s Marketers: Trouser Snakes or Geniuses?

Um, I’m no prude. I’m all for edgy. But Levi’s latest attempt to be relevant seems a little off the mark.

The interactive functionality of being able to record your own message and send your “beast” to a friend is cool. But who wants their “beast” to be a crab, or “Paul the Pincher,” as they’ve not-so-cleverly named him.

The pulsating, unseen member in the top graphic would have been enough…maybe allowing people to name their “beast” would have been fun. But with addition of the scary little penis monsters, I’m confused – and a little scared. I think creators of the site just watched “Teeth” too many times and applied the concept to the opposite sex.

I get it. As Levi’s loses share to edgy brands like Diesel, they need to reinvent themselves for a new generation of denim-clad consumers. Perhaps I’m just too old or out of touch to understand, but this doesn’t seem to be the way to win them over. The broader concept was a good idea, but the names and characters are really cheesy. (Although I have to admit, “Sir Reginald Mighty Pants” is kinda funny.)

What do you think? Will you be virtually unleashing your “beast” to your friends via Levi’s site anytime soon? I would steal a page from Ms. Newman’s PETA post and ask what you’d name your “beast,” but that’s probably a bad, bad idea.


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