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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Lovelines.

I’ve been researching interactive websites for inspiration and recently found Lovelines, an intriguing website that pulls blog messages of love and hate from the internet and posts them through an interactive, dynamic spectrum.  The design is simple and elegant. It features a soft color palette of gray and pink and a pure, white page anchored by top and bottom navigation.  A smart, minimalist design approach to the presentation of complex data.

The site relies on the written word with very little ornamentation, like reading a notebook or journal.   Across the top, three words generate unexpected content, while on the bottom, a moveable scale populates dynamic posts.

The design is stark, making it easy to focus on the pink words that pop into the middle of the page. Drag the illustrated heart left to right between the words ‘LOVE’ and ‘HATE’  and the tone of the message changes, mimicking the fickle personality of a heart.  When possible, the age, gender and geographical location of the person who wrote the posts are identified under the message.  The interactive scale is intuitive and perfectly illustrates the fine line between these words, allowing the user to ‘tug’ the heart between them.

Lovelines is lovely in its simplicity (I wonder if these words will be tagged and appear on the site?).  It quietly illustrates the emotional range between love and hate without cliche. It is minimalist, almost elementary, yet its unadorned purity captures attention.  It allows the user to interact with words and posts without all the noise of an overly designed website.

The heart of the matter:  relationships are dynamic.  And effective dynamic data visualizations capture more than information – they capture information across space and time.  If the future is about conversations, not just statements, then marketers need to move beyond traditional measurement “snapshots” and toward real-time relationship depictions, in all their complexity. 

Welcome to the love/hate, chaotic world of brand relationship mapping. A world where citizens aren’t pinned to the frame like so many caught butterflies, but move freely about, influencing each other and, through the strength of their collective flapping, transform the climate of the global marketplace.


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