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Ben Cohen and StandUp Foundation Celebrate Third Anniversary with Award of 50th

Mar 31, 2014

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, the world’s first anti-bullying foundation, today announced it has issued its 50th grant, coinciding with the organization’s third anniversary. The Foundation is a registered 501c3 grant-making non-profit in the United States and a registered charity in the United Kingdom. The 50 grants have been given across both countries.

Ford to Cadillac: There's Another America Out There

Rebecca J. Rosen
Mar 31, 2014

Where Cadillac stumbled, Ford saw opportunity. Today, Ford released an ad playing off the Cadillac spot, twisting the original message to resonate with a totally different set of consumers.

Watching Team Upworthy Work Is Enough to Make You a Cynic Or Lose Your Cynicism Or Both Or Neither

Nitsuh Abebe
Mar 31, 2014

This is what Upworthy does: It finds stuff on the internet, identifies it as somehow meaningful or socially redeeming, adds a killer headline and a trace of description, and then gets lots and lots and lots of people to look at it.

IMF's Lagarde: Women In Workforce Key To Healthy Economies

Renee Montagne
Mar 28, 2014

As the first woman to lead the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde is among an elite group of people determining how money is saved, spent and invested worldwide. It's not the first time she's been a "first." Lagarde was France's first female finance minister, and before that, the first woman to chair the global law firm Baker & McKenzie.

From Kickstarter to Facebook: the full Oculus Rift story

Verge Staff
Mar 27, 2014

Oculus Rift started as a breakout Kickstarter success, little more than an incredible demo involving sparks flying in a spaceship. But it evolved into something much more: Oculus VR became the face of the future of virtual reality.

How Funny Or Die Landed The President

Lindsay Lavine
Mar 27, 2014

CEO Dick Glover shares how Funny or Die’s mantra, “trust the process,” landed one of the site’s biggest gets: the President of the United States.

Tomorrow’s Cargo Ships Will Use Augmented Reality to Sail the Seas

Damon Lavrinc
Mar 27, 2014

By 2025, the first batch of autonomous vehicles will be driving through your neighborhood. But what about cargo ships? They’ll still have humans at the helm–at least most of the time–and this is the augmented reality bridge they’ll use to traverse the high seas.

LinkedIn Launches Insights Tool to Help Brands Become Better Publishers

Cotton Delo
Mar 27, 2014

LinkedIn will now start assigning brands content-marketing scores to gauge the effectiveness of their posts to company pages, their branded groups, posts by company "influencers" who are part of LinkedIn's publishing program, employee posts, and "sponsored updates" ads that appear in users' streams.

Millennials Don't Care About Owning Cars, And Car Makers Can't Figure Out Why

Darren Ross
Mar 27, 2014

Driving numbers are down for younger people and the auto industry hasn't found a way to respond. It's because they don't understand why millennials could possibly not want to drive.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Design

Margaret Rhodes
Mar 26, 2014

Much of what is fueling the best in design is the desire to make life easier and more enjoyable.


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