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How to Come Out of the Recession Alive

Jonathan Salem Baskin
Apr 6, 2009

I have good career news for those of you on the recession front: When the economy improves, the skills and approaches you perfect during these troubled times will better position you for greater riches and fame. The trick will be surviving until then.

The Future of Music: Record Labels Get Real

Sara Clemence
Apr 6, 2009

To be sure, the death of the album does not mean that the music industry itself is over. Parts of it are actually thriving.

Great Restructuring III: The War Over Change

Jeff Jarvis
Apr 6, 2009

The emerging war we’re seeing now is over change. I’m not talking about the post-9/11 resurgence of debate over Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations - though that’s certainly a front in this war. Instead, I’m talking about the clash over change within civilizations, the attempt by some to forestall its inevitability, and their attacks on those who enable, predict, and embrace change as if any of those actions cause change. It’s actually rather fatuous to set up a dispute between those who want and don’t want change, those who think change is good or bad. Change is inexorable. The question is not what you think about it but what you do about it.

Don't Damage Your Brand for Short-Term Gains in a Recession

Al Ries
Apr 6, 2009

Marketing is a long-term proposition. A company can get in trouble if it changes its marketing strategy to cope with a short-term problem.


April 2009 Trend Briefing
Apr 3, 2009

A recession-induced need for cash, and an ever-growing infrastructure enabling individuals to act as (part-time) entrepreneurs, are fueling concepts that help ordinary consumers make money instead of just spending it.

The Fate Of The Newspaper: Exclusive interview With Jacek Utko

Apr 3, 2009

Newspaper designer Jacek Utko suggests that it's time for a fresh, top-to-bottom rethink of the newspaper. (At this point, why not try it?) In his work, he's proved that good design can help readers reconnect with newspapers. A former architect, Utko took on the job of redesigning several newspapers in former Soviet Bloc nations, starting from basic principles.

Getting Brand Communities Right

Susan Fournier and Lara Lee
Apr 3, 2009

In today’s turbulent world, people are hungry for a sense of connection; and in lean economic times, every company needs new ways to do more with what it already has. Unfortunately, although many firms aspire to the customer loyalty, marketing efficiency, and brand authenticity that strong communities deliver, few understand what it takes to achieve such benefits. Worse, most subscribe to serious misconceptions about what brand communities are and how they work.

Poisoning The Well

Seth Godin
Apr 3, 2009

Marketers have spammed, lied, deceived, cluttered and ripped us off for so long, we're sick of it.

How Google is Changing Advertising Agencies

Steve Rubel
Apr 3, 2009

In just a little over 10 years, Google has built a business that is impossible not to admire. In fact, its success begs the question -- what would Google do (WWGD)? Media pundit and thinker Jeff Jarvis tackles this question head on with a new book by the same title. In "What Would Google Do?," Jarvis breaks down Google's practices into 12 distinct rules and then applies them to aging industries like media and advertising.

A Strategic Path To The Digital Customer

Jack Loechner
Apr 3, 2009

A new executive brief by IBM Global Business Services, based on an in-depth study by the Institute's research team, reports that to compete in the new era of advertising will require a fundamental change in media and entertainment companies' capabilities. The study findings show that four trends are raising the bar for consumer-centric marketing: consumer adoption of new distribution formats, a shift in advertiser spending, the digital migration of platforms and the emergence of new capabilities due to game-changing moves by both new entrants and existing players.


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