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Archive for June 2008

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Facebook Suicide

Micah M. White
Jun 5, 2008

You’ll never find me on Facebook. You may scoff at my refusal – I used to do the same, rolling my eyes whenever my elders claimed resistance to the latest internet phenomenon – but Facebook is a scary, commercial dead-zone that’s killing our real-world relationships.

A Designer Moment

Sarah Nardi
Jun 4, 2008

Among visual art forms, design is unique. It circumvents filter, bypasses analysis and impacts us directly. It’s not chewed, swallowed and then digested – design is injected directly into our collective stream of consciousness. The effects are immediate. That’s why the first reaction a design inspires in us is so important – our first impression will shape our entire understanding of what the design represents.

Marketers: Fire Your PR Agency!

Uriah Av-Ron
Jun 3, 2008

I recently heard a presentation by noted Internet technology blogger Michael Arrington where an entrepreneur asks him when in a company’s life cycle should he hire a PR agency, and Arrington replies, without missing a beat, “never.”

We Are What We Buy

Laura Miller
Jun 3, 2008

Do the brands we buy and the things we own define who we are?

The Flak Over Flacks

Andrew Cohen
Jun 2, 2008

Show me a PR person who is "accurate" and "truthful," and I'll show you a PR person who is unemployed.

Slumber Parties Go Digital

David Carr
Jun 2, 2008

There has long been a conceit that held that the Web was a men’s locker room, full of pornography, sports and gadgets, but the same demographic group that controls 83 percent of the spending in America is increasing its time spent on the Web. So in the last 18 months, venture capitalists and media companies have been cranking out the digital estrogen.

Consumer Products Getting a Makeover

Ellen Byron
Jun 2, 2008

Makers of dishwasher detergent and fabric freshener are dressing up their packaging in the hopes that consumers will showcase the bottles when they're not using them.


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