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Archive for July 2008

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One Subpoena Is All It Takes to Reveal Your Online Life

Saul Hansell
Jul 8, 2008

Whenever questions are raised about privacy, big online companies say that data is anonymous, and even the information that is linked to individuals is only meant to offer users a more personal experience tailored to their interests. They never talk about subpoenas.

It's the Beginning of the End for the TV Biz

Betsy Schiffman
Jul 8, 2008

The TV and video business is about to face a nasty downturn, and it could happen faster than most people expect -- like, over the next two years.


Sarah Nardi
Jul 8, 2008

Design has always submitted to our will. Design’s immediate and unwavering compliance to our demands defines our relationship. It does what we ask of it. But what if design stood up for itself? What if instead of bowing immediately to our demands, design gently pushed back?

Authentically American

Susan Nelson
Jul 7, 2008

With the Fourth of July--our celebration of all things American--just having passed, I am wondering how "American" we really are when it comes to the brands we love.

Poof! You’re Unpublished.

Noam Cohen
Jul 7, 2008

For generations, people and institutions have had second thoughts about decisions: stock exchanges delist companies; higher courts overrule lower ones; tennis players do over a disputed point; celebrities reinvent their personalities. On the Internet, however, we have the technology to act more comprehensively: specifically, to unpublish.

When Fox News Is the Story

David Carr
Jul 7, 2008

Media reporting about other media’s approach to producing media is pretty confusing business to begin with. But that does not fully explain the scorched earth between Fox News and those who cover it.

The Statesman, the Lawyer and the Marketer

Seth Godin
Jul 3, 2008

What happens when marketers stop arguing on behalf of their corporate or organizational client and start arguing on behalf of the customer instead? What happens when marketers become statesmen?

Save the Press

Timothy Egan
Jul 3, 2008

Anyone who cheers the collapse of the newspaper industry should consider why Jefferson put aside his distaste for the vitriol and nonsense of the press for the larger principle of healthy democracies needing informed citizens.

Study Refutes 'The Long Tail'

Lee Gomes
Jul 2, 2008

A book from 2006, "The Long Tail," was one of those that appear periodically and demand that we rethink everything we presume to know about how society works. Now, a new Harvard Business Review article pushes back, and says any change occurring may be of an entirely different sort.

It's Not A Magical Parallel Universe, It's Just The Internet

Jason Heller
Jul 1, 2008

Are you a traditional marketer or agency person, or even a digital agency person who is frustrated at the new crop of "social media elite" who claim that they know all the answers? Or are you a social media marketing maven who is frustrated that the rest of the industry just doesn't get it?


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