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Archive for January 2008

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The Four Viral App Objectives

Jan 22, 2008

Here’s a bit more information on methodology for measuring virality and what it means for an app to “go viral.”

The TV-Internet Merger: Hang On For An Exciting Ride!

Peter Koeppel
Jan 22, 2008

TV and Internet are far from strange bedfellows, so the burning question is – what do their children look like?

Peer-To-Peer Marketing: No Pain, No Gain

Kai MacMahon
Jan 22, 2008

Hasbro and Mattel are this week reported to be considering legal action against Facebook and the makers of the online word game, Scrabulous.

How Facebook Is Like Ikea

Tim Harford
Jan 22, 2008

They get their customers to do the work - and to enjoy doing it.

Why Los Angeles Times Can't Keep an Editor

Emily Steel
Jan 22, 2008

James O'Shea found out two weeks ago at lunch in Union Station that he'd be the second editor in 14 months to part with Los Angeles Times Publisher David Hiller in a fight over budget cuts.


Lynn Russo Whylly and Courtney Humistion
Jan 22, 2008

The children of Boomers are legion, and they are making their own mark. Almost 65 million strong, this is not a generation fumbling around. They have a voice, and the means and tools to use it.

Marketers: Experiment Like Google

Abbey Klaassen
Jan 22, 2008

Marketers who are doing best are trying, they're beta testing all over the place, they see what works and they build on that.

From MySpace to YourSpace

Brian Stelter
Jan 21, 2008

As MySpace expands beyond its origins, its executives struggle as they try to give users and advertisers what they both want.

The Risk of Innovation: Will Anyone Embrace It?

G. Pascal Zachary
Jan 21, 2008

Whether humans will embrace or resist an innovation is the billion-dollar question facing designers of novel products and services. Why do people adapt to some new technologies and not to others? Fortunes are made and lost on the answer.

From Goodby to Great: How Shop Built a 'Content House'

Alice Z. Cuneo
Jan 21, 2008

Agency of the Year: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


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