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Archive for August 2008

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Read My Mind

Jim Edwards
Aug 28, 2008

Marketers assume that people buy brands because they like them. But what if that thinking is incorrect? If the research of Columbia University's Dr. Joy Hirsch is any indication, traditional advertising could cede its place to 'neuromarketing.'

The Day The ‘Mad Men’ Stood Still

Catharine P. Taylor
Aug 27, 2008

AMC's Web marketing agency has persuaded its client not to have Twitter suspend the accounts of "Mad Men" characters created by the show's fans. Has marketing finally trumped legal, setting a precedent regarding a major media property and what we might call a version of ‘fan fiction’?

How Obama Really Did It

David Talbot
Aug 27, 2008

The social-networking strategy that took an obscure senator to the doors of the White House.

PR: Present and Future

Jason Kintzler
Aug 27, 2008

But, for those of us in media and public relations, social media represents more than new tools. It offers new communication methods and more importantly, a fresh approach to the game.

The First Law of Mass Media

Seth Godin
Aug 27, 2008

Organizations will work tirelessly to de-personalize every communication medium they encounter.

The Strategy of Consulting

Branding Strategy Insider
Aug 27, 2008

Not too long ago Management Consulting News asked my opinion on business strategy and the consulting industry. Maybe you will share my opinions. Maybe you won't.

Olympic Lessons: True East...or They Do It with Mirrors

Davia B. Temin
Aug 27, 2008

Call it "True East," perhaps, but what it really means is that China's moral compass has been jettisoned in order to reach a goal. And no matter how lofty the goal, in my opinion, it is just not worth it—especially when the truth would have accomplished the same goals even better.

AMC Asks Twitter to Remove 'Mad Men' Accounts

Steve Hall
Aug 26, 2008

While a company certainly has to clearly state their relationship, if any, with entities purporting to represent the brand in any media, slapping down fervent supporters as opposed to forming a partnership does more harm than good.

Coke's New Design Direction

Jessie Scanlon
Aug 26, 2008

Five years ago, Coca-Cola's design chief was told: "We need to do more with design. Go figure it out." Now his labors are bearing fruit.

McCain: What It Means to You

Ira Teinowitz
Aug 26, 2008

What does the GOP candidate have in store for the marketing and media industries?

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