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Archive for April 2008

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'Wi-Fi on Steroids'

Lee Gomes
Apr 2, 2008

The broadcasting lobby is doing all it can to stop one of the best ideas a federal agency has had in a long time: using the empty "white space" spectrum associated with television broadcasts to allow faster Wi-Fi connections.

The Brand Called Obama

Ellen McGirt
Apr 1, 2008

Any forward-thinking business would be wise to examine the implications of Barack Obama's ascent, from marketing strategies and leadership styles to the future of the American workplace.

Do People Care About Your 'Green' Message? Yes

Mya Frazier
Apr 1, 2008

Nielsen Report Shows Perils of Exaggerating Ecological Good Deeds

Apple Most Inspirational Brand, Microsoft "Stodgy"

Jacqui Cheng
Apr 1, 2008

If there's one company that has mastered the art of branding, it's Apple.


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