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Archive for April 2008

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Microsoft Gives Yahoo Three Weeks to Do a Deal

Dawn Kawamoto
Apr 7, 2008

Microsoft on Saturday issued an ultimatum to Yahoo, giving the Internet search pioneer three weeks to enter formal merger negotiations and conclude a deal.

In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop

Matt Richtel
Apr 7, 2008

They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home.

Creating a Transparent Ad Marketplace

Apr 7, 2008

AdBrite bills itself as the Internet’s Ad Marketplace – it also places a high premium on transparency, saying it’s the “world’s most trusted and transparent marketplace for digital advertising.” Adotas sat down with CEO Iggy Fanlo to find out more about AdBrite’s mission.

Online Commercials: Now That’s a Hard Sell

Randall Stross
Apr 7, 2008

Advertisers should not feel singled out. Today, viewers do not give their full, undivided attention to anybody.

The Record Labels' Digital Future

Catherine Holahan
Apr 7, 2008

Even as they cut a deal with MySpace for online music, the record labels are looking at other ways to make money online

No Recession for Tech, Ongoing Search For Next Big Idea

Diane Mermigas
Apr 4, 2008

Even as many companies across all industries downsize and restructure, enterprise must be preserved, measured-risk encouraged and strategic innovation mandated.

How to Stay in the Black While Going Green

Jacquelyn Ottman
Apr 3, 2008

To be successful, green marketing must satisfy two objectives: improved environmental quality and customer satisfaction.

NBC Schedule Reveals Turmoil in TV

Brian Steinberg
Apr 3, 2008

NBC on Wednesday unveiled a programming schedule whose broad strokes reflect some of the new realities for network TV: a limited number of program launches, potentially shorter runs of new shows, and non-traditional alliances with advertisers and other media outlets to keep some programs on the air.

Avoid the Shopper-Marketing Pitfalls

Rob Holston
Apr 2, 2008

Thinking of transforming how you sell at the retail level? Don't make these mistakes if you want to win big.

The Rise of Independent Media Brands Online

John Battelle
Apr 2, 2008

Brands will build the next batch of great online media companies, but Yahoo, AOL, and MSN may not be those companies.


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