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Archive for April 2008

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Authenticity -- Whatever That Means -- Is Our Only Hope

Jeff Welch
Apr 10, 2008

The best brands today have street cred -- some kind of soul rooted in something real and authentic.

Yahoo, Google Ink Ad-Test Deal; Microsoft is Not Amused

Anders Bylund
Apr 10, 2008

Yahoo will begin displaying Google ads on a handful of search results for a two-week period. A small market test may not be serious business, but in this case it's tantamount to mooning Microsoft's headquarters from across Bellevue-Redmond Road.

Courts Chip Away at Web Sites' Decade-Old Legal Shield

Anne Broache
Apr 9, 2008

For more than a decade, Web site operators have enjoyed a broad legal shield against lawsuits filed over material posted by their users, which has let user-driven sites like YouTube and MySpace.com flourish.

The PDA Guerrilla: Net Neutrality and Freedom of Speech

Bert Latamore
Apr 9, 2008

I want to be very clear about this upfront: While I appreciate the problems of the ISPs and know what it is like to have service slow to a crawl due to teens overloading the network with downloads, net neutrality is nothing less than a freedom of speech/freedom of the press issue.

Digital Engagement Top of Mind at IAA World Congress

Ira Teinowitz
Apr 9, 2008

Online Is Not Just a Sales Channel, and Technology Will Only Increase Engagement With Consumers

Consumers Are Watching You

Andrew Benett
Apr 9, 2008

Ignore the Role of the Consumer in Corporate Governance at Your Own Risk

Matt Spiegel, CEO, OMG Digital: Expanding The Agency’s Interactive Lexicon

David Kaplan
Apr 8, 2008

It’s fitting that Matt Spiegel, who took on the role of CEO of Omnicom Media Group Digital last week, has been focused on search and analytics for the last few years as head of Resolution Media.

10 Ways the Internet (As We Know It) Will Die

Alistair Croll
Apr 8, 2008

We often think of the Internet as a platform for unfettered global communication, where information flows freely, innovators can launch new applications at will, and everyone can have a voice. But it’s unlikely that our children’s Internet will look anything like what we have now.

Microsoft vs. Yahoo: First Duel, then Merge?

Farhad Manjoo
Apr 8, 2008

Microsoft wants to force Yahoo into a happy marriage?

Beware the New New Thing

Damian Kulash
Apr 7, 2008

Damian Kulash, lead singer of OK Go, discusses net neutrality, an issue that can lead into realms where only tech geeks and policy wonks dare to tread. At root, however, there’s a pretty simple question: How much control should network operators be allowed to have over the information on their lines?


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