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Archive for April 2008

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The Big Question

Stephen Foley
Apr 25, 2008

Is there no limit to the expanion of Rupert Murdoch's empire?

If You Build It

Witold Rybczynski
Apr 24, 2008

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world—in cubic yards of concrete, if not in actual population.

Twitter Away Your Life With Social Networking

Lore Sjöberg
Apr 24, 2008

The internet is to human interaction as Pringles are to potatoes. Companionship and closeness are processed into an unrecognizable slurry, then reconstituted as an unnatural recreation of their original incarnation.

Dead Air

Troy Patterson
Apr 24, 2008

Why CBS should shutter its news division.

Sick Of Trends? You Should Be

Eric Zeitoun
Apr 23, 2008

I wish to advocate for the lost art of analyzing and acting on macrotrends—the big, old-fashioned kind. Remember them?

Murdoch Moving to Buy Newsday for $580 Million

Richard Perez-Pena and Tim Arango
Apr 23, 2008

Rupert Murdoch is moving to tighten his already-imposing grip on American news media, striking a tentative deal to buy his third New York-based paper, Newsday, and getting his first chance to appoint the top editor of The Wall Street Journal, after the resignation of the editor on Tuesday.

Battle of the Brands

Financial Times
Apr 23, 2008

What makes a successful global brand? And how can success be sustained? Nigel Hollis, chief global analyst for Millward Brown, and Hayes Roth, chief marketing officer at Landor, answer readers' questions about branding in today’s tough business climate.

Adult Workers Have a Lot to Learn Online

Michael Schrage
Apr 22, 2008

Societies that are serious about raising their standard of living should focus on enhancing the productivity of parents rather than boosting teenage test scores.

Firms Use Earth Day To Show Their Green Side

Betsy McKay and Suzanne Vranica
Apr 22, 2008

As corporate America gets greener, Earth Day is following the path of Valentine's Day, Easter and Christmas, and turning into a corporate marketing opportunity. But instead of advertising chocolates or toys, companies are selling themselves and their greenness -- and often, the biggest marketers are those with sizable carbon footprints.

Shopping 3.0 In A Web 2.0 World

Gordon Gould
Apr 22, 2008

The social shopping trend is changing the way we interact with and how we discover products--and it all stems from the product graph.


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