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Archive for September 2007

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Public Service Groups Follow the Audience

Stuart Elliott
Sep 27, 2007

A nonprofit organization that produces some of the most familiar public service advertising is joining its profit-making counterparts in radically rethinking its media choices, reflecting substantial changes in how its intended audiences consume media.

Facebook CEO Visits Seattle, Microsoft Schemes

David Kirkpatrick
Sep 27, 2007

An investment by the software giant seems likely - Facebook is the ideal testbed for the future of advertising.

Advertisers Are No-Shows for Google's $3.1B Hearing

Holly M. Sanders
Sep 27, 2007

The witness list for today's Senate hearing on Google's proposed $3.1 billion purchase of ad firm DoubleClick is more notable for who is not testifying than for who is.

When Worlds Collide – All Hell Breaks Loose

David Ho
Sep 27, 2007

Consumers are in control, and advertisers should get used to it. That was a common theme as marketing industry leaders gathered in Manhattan on Monday to ponder how the Internet has turned their world upside down.

Betting On Yahoo!

Rachel Rosmarin
Sep 26, 2007

Industry pundits love kicking Yahoo!, the bedraggled Internet company that suffered this summer from missed earnings and a management shakeup. Luckily for it, the stock market is feeling more kindly.

In Media Work, 'Everyone's Job Is on the Line'

Patrick Phillips
Sep 26, 2007

The dynamics of working in the media are changing as audiences produce their own media, says Mark Deuze, the author of the new book "Media Work." Media workers in all areas are asking: "Will my job still be there tomorrow?"

What Does the Digital-TV Switch Actually Mean?

Anne Broache
Sep 26, 2007

If there's one message the government wants you to know about analog televisions going dark in early 2009, it's this: don't panic.

12-Step Social Media Program for PR Pros

Lee Aase
Sep 25, 2007

For communications professionals, being unfamiliar with social media tools borders on malpractice.

Citywide Wi-Fi Isn't Dead Yet

Marguerite Reardon
Sep 25, 2007

Despite the recent onslaught of bad press, citywide and regional Wi-Fi networks are not dead.

Media Outlook, 2008

Sep 25, 2007

While all media will likely benefit, at least marginally, from a flood of campaign bucks and Olympic hype next year, it’s a sure bet those contributions won’t save struggling segments.


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