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Archive for October 2007

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Telecoms' Censorship Policies Stir New Controversy

Roy Mark
Oct 2, 2007

Disclosures over the weekend that AT&T and Verizon reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service of customers who are critical of their conduct have prompted a call for congressional hearings on the censorship practices of the nation's leading carriers.

Creators of the Internet Say It's Outdated

Bobby White
Oct 2, 2007

"We can no longer rely on last-generation technology, which has essentially remained unchanged for 40 years, to power Internet performance."

For These Startups, Patients are a Virtue

Victoria Colliver
Oct 2, 2007

Health care startups are modeling themselves after YouTube and social networking sites such as MySpace in an effort to connect patients with each other and help them navigate overwhelming amounts of medical information available online.

No More Hyperbole-Filled Panels: How to Fix Ad Week

David Melancon
Oct 1, 2007

Advertising may be dying the slow, painful death everyone is talking about, it's entirely from self-inflicted wounds.

Passionistas: A Marketer’s New Best Friend

Sarah Novotny
Oct 1, 2007

According to a new study by Yahoo and MediaVest called “Passionistas: The New Empowered Consumers,” highly-engaged consumers are more likely than most to create and share content online about issues they are passionate about and even the brands associated with them.

What's Next for Google

Evan Schuman
Oct 1, 2007

Google ponders its next steps in an e-commerce environment shaped by mobile, social networking and, yes, search.

AM/FM Radio Will Be Dead in 15 Years

Mark Washburn
Oct 1, 2007

Michael Harrison, publisher of the talk-radio magazine Talkers, says "The next 15 years will be the demise of terrestrial radio as we know it and the rise of the extraterrestrial."

Marketers Get Creative To Stave Off Ad Fatigue

George Anders
Oct 1, 2007

When the same ad runs too often, consumers grow bored, annoyed or hostile. But some marketing executives are finding new ways around the problem, by varying their messages and media.

Balancing Bottom Lines and Headlines

Clifford Krauss
Oct 1, 2007

For newspaper publishing — an industry awash in uncertainty as it tries to adapt to the Internet — The St. Petersburg Times offers one possible model for salvaging enterprises that must, as all businesses do, respond to financial reality.

Why Big Newspapers Applaud Some Declines in Circulation

Richard Pérez-Peña
Oct 1, 2007

As the newspaper industry bemoans falling circulation, major papers around the country have a surprising attitude toward a lot of potential readers: Don't bother.


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