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Archive for June 2007

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Global Media Outlook: $2 Tril. by 2011

Georg Szalai/The Hollywood Reporter
Jun 22, 2007

The global entertainment and media industry will expand at a 6.4 percent compound annual growth rate over five years to hit $2 trillion in 2011.

Murdoch's Bid for Dow Jones Gets a Boost

Kathryn Kranhold and Jason Singer
Jun 22, 2007

The decision by General Electric Co. and Pearson PLC to abandon their efforts to bid for Dow Jones & Co. aids Rupert Murdoch in his quest to acquire the publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

Fast Times At Digital High

Jason Heller
Jun 21, 2007

If it's news to you that our industry is in an uber-evolutionary state, then you're in the wrong business.

The World Bank Goes Open-Source

Andrew Leonard
Jun 20, 2007

People who worry about the the future of journalism (and, for that matter, the future of marketing) should be paying very close attention to these developments.

Apple Suck-Up Watch

Jack Shafer
Jun 20, 2007

It's not just a new kind of cell phone, it's a cultural watershed!

Merchants Vs. Marketers

Marc E. Babej and Tim Pollak
Jun 20, 2007

With CMO tenures fast approaching the life span of bomber pilots in World War II, there's a frequently heard formula to explain the casualties: "merchants vs. marketers."

Blame CMO Turnover on Metrics Mania

Lloyd Trufelman
Jun 20, 2007

Death by Data: An Extreme Focus on Quantitative Measurement Is Killing CMOs' Sense of Innovation

Forget Joost. Meet the real TiVo of the Web

Erick Schonfeld
Jun 20, 2007

An application just launched by Dmitry Shapiro, a serial peer-to-peer software entrepreneur, allows you to watch not only everything on YouTube but every piece of free video on the Web.

The Street to Yahoo: Be Aggressive

Catherine Holahan
Jun 20, 2007

To avoid Terry Semel's missteps, new CEO Jerry Yang must move swiftly in making deals, spurring innovation, and attracting and retaining talent.

Embracing Change, TV Networks Find Stronger Demand for Ads

Stuart Elliott
Jun 20, 2007

The willingness of the big broadcast television networks to embrace change — by making it easier to watch shows online and by adopting new types of ratings — is contributing to stronger demand for commercial time ahead of the fall season.


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