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Archive for July 2007

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When Mobile Phones Aren’t Truly Mobile

Randall Stross
Jul 23, 2007

Wireless carriers in the United States are spiritual descendants of dear Ma Bell: they view total control over customers as their inherited birthright.

At Last, the Reviews Are in: Wal-Mart Wakes Up to the Power of the People

Matthew Creamer
Jul 23, 2007

Retail Giant Makes a Big, if Belated, Push Into the Social Web

Debates to Connect Candidates and Voters Online

Katharine Q. Seelye
Jul 23, 2007

The first of a new kind of presidential debate is scheduled for tonight, one in which members of the general public pose questions to the candidates via homemade video.

Freeing the iPhone the Legal Way

Farhad Manjoo
Jul 20, 2007

Lawmakers and consumer advocates push for rules to block wireless firms from locking gadgets and charging high cancellation fees.

Presence of Malice

Jack Shafer
Jul 20, 2007

Billy Wilder tours journalism's pus-filled heart in the long-lost Ace in the Hole

Google Wants to Do for TV What It Did for the Web

Daniel Langendorf
Jul 20, 2007

Vincent Dureau, Google’s head of TV technology, gave another glimpse into the mind of Google and what it might be planning for its television presence in his opening keynote at iTV Con

In Protest of Sale, Dow Director Quits

Richard Pérez-Peña
Jul 20, 2007

A Dow Jones director resigned Thursday to protest the planned sale of the company to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, publicly siding with those who say such a shift in ownership would undermine the quality of Dow Jones and its flagship, The Wall Street Journal.

The Impoverishment of American Culture

Dana Gioia
Jul 19, 2007

The loss of recognition for artists, thinkers and scientists has impoverished our culture in innumerable ways

New Crack in the House of Redstone

Tim Arango
Jul 19, 2007

Sumner Redstone is in a battle of wills with his daughter (and one-time heir apparent) and the outcome could decide the fate of the Redstone media empire.

Buy Local—With Town Currency

Jeffrey Gangemi
Jul 19, 2007

Dollar alternatives, such as BerkShares in Massachusetts, are shoring up local economies by keeping money in the community


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