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The First Org Chart Ever Made Is a Masterpiece of Data Design

Liz Stinson
Mar 18, 2014

Look at most of organizational charts today and you’ll see the standard top-down pyramid flowing linearly from the big dog down to lower-level managers and minions. But the first modern-day organizational chart wasn’t made to remind lower-level employees who they really work for. No, one of the first company-wide organizational charts was actually a 19th century invention of necessity.

Maps Of Countries Made From Their Regional Foods

Margaret Rhodes
Mar 18, 2014

What do you really look for when deciding on a travel destination? Historical cathedrals? Pristine beaches? Odds are food ranks high on that list. And if any help is needed, these maps illustrate exactly what kinds of regional delicacies you can expect to find around the world.

Views from the front lines of the data-analytics revolution

Brad Brown, David Court & Tim McGuire
Mar 17, 2014

At a unique gathering of data-analytics leaders, new solutions began emerging to vexing privacy, talent, organizational, and frontline-adoption challenges.

Three Ways Companies Can Reinvent Themselves Digitally

Saul Berman
Mar 17, 2014

In less than a decade, the systems that defined the 20th Century — mass production, mass consumption, mass marketing — have been swept away by co-creation, co-production, co-distribution. In an era where anyone can become a brand’s biggest gadfly on Twitter, an activist organizing millions on Facebook, or an ad-hoc taxi service or hotel through Uber and Airbnb, what it means to be in business is being completely overhauled.

Guinness withdraws from St Patrick’s day parade in New York

Shannon Bond & Ken Warn
Mar 17, 2014

Guinness became the latest brewer to drop sponsorship of St Patrick’s day celebrations in the US amid growing criticism of public discrimination against gays and lesbians.

When Good Logos Go Bad

Maureen Morrison & Natalie Zmuda
Mar 17, 2014

Olive Garden's New Logo Is Just the Latest to Be Met With Criticism. Revamping a brand is a tricky proposition.

It's Getting Harder to Separate Advertising From Entertainment

Sam Thielman
Mar 17, 2014

The world of branded content has changed. Suddenly branded movies and TV shows are competing for the same marketing dollar and chunk of free time as everything else in the entertainment world. Advertising, in many cases, is no longer a toll you pay to watch content but is taking the form of content itself.

Why the Greek Yogurt Craze Should be a Wake-Up Call to Big Food

Manny Picciola & Stuart Jackson
Mar 14, 2014

Food fads develop quickly in today’s marketplace. Consumers are more tightly connected now and are more likely to follow word-of-mouth (or word-of-keystroke) advice than in the past. Amid this changing environment, you’ll find rows and rows of marketing teams at the Mid-Western headquarters of America’s largest food companies — in no industry does marketing appear to play a more prominent role. But despite this manpower, “Big Food” missed Greek yogurt.

How GM Can Steer Through Crisis of Ignition-Switch Recall

Michael McCarthy
Mar 14, 2014

In a letter to employees, General Motors CEO Mary Barra wrote the company's "reputation" won't be determined by the ongoing recall of 1.6 million vehicles with potentially fatal ignition switch problems -- but how it addresses the "problem going forward." Effort Gets Mixed Reviews From Crisis Experts.

12 Of The Best New Typefaces

Dan Nosowitz
Mar 14, 2014

Typographica, a respected font-focused magazine, just released its eighth annual list of its favorite fonts from the last year. There are a whopping 53 of them from 20 different countries with many from the usual suspects--U.S., U.K., Germany, and Sweden. Perhaps most notable, though, are the fonts coming out of places such as Iceland, Lebanon, Canada, and other spots not usually known for type design.


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