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75% of Brands' Facebook Posts Are Photos, Study Says

Matt Petronzio
Apr 23, 2014

Ever since Facebook officially launched Timeline for businesses in 2012, brand marketers have found increasing success at engaging their audiences on the social network. But what do brands actually post? According to a new study from Socialbakers, single photos make up 75% of Facebook brand content worldwide. Since Facebook's design lends itself to visuals, that isn't too surprising — however, only 10% of brand posts are links, while text-only statuses comprise 6% of content.

The Hard Truth About Your Online Life

Andrea Romano
Apr 23, 2014

From email to social media, there comes a time in everyone's life when we need to sit up and face the truth about our online selves. And the best way to make us all see the light is with graphs.

Think Beyond “Mobile” vs. “Desktop” Shoppers

Jason Spero
Apr 23, 2014

Companies must evolve, but they can’t lose focus of their core value propositions in the process. There are two basic lessons — welcoming your customers and measuring your success — that can help a business understand these new consumer behaviors on devices of all kinds.

A Retail Shop For Social Good Pops-Up In Manhattan

Adele Peters
Apr 23, 2014

Every month or two, everything in the New York City based retail shop Story completely changes. Like the art galleries down the street in its Chelsea neighborhood, Story regularly tears down everything in its space and fills it with new work. It’s designed to be a little like a themed issue of a magazine, since every collection is based on a specific idea. Right now, the issue is “Good”: products that were designed for social benefit.

How The Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram, And You Can Too

Rachel Gillett
Apr 22, 2014

While Instagram is one of the fastest growing apps, it is also surprisingly one of the most underutilized by marketers. Stand out above the competition with these seven tips for using Instagram like a pro.

Is Your Company "Asleep" When It Comes To Gender Balance?

Evie Nacy
Apr 22, 2014

The annual Gender Balance Scorecard looks at the top 300 companies across Europe, Asia, and the U.S., and focuses not on corporate boards, whose male-female ratios are improving, but executive committees--those who have worked their way to the top and have responsibility for results. The study finds that of the 1,164 executive committee members of America's Top 100 companies, 83% are men--and two-thirds of the 17% who are women are in staff or support positions like HR, communications, or legal, rather than in operational roles.

Look at Your Phone During TV Ads? Expect to See the Same Messages There

Alex Kantrowitz
Apr 22, 2014

Instead of going to the bathroom or grabbing a beer during commercial breaks, TV watchers are increasingly turning to a new ritual: checking their phones until the show resumes. For advertisers paying top dollar for TV ads, the trend is frustrating, presenting yet another challenge in their quest to gain a share of consumers' fragmented attention.

Nike Failed. Now Only Apple Can Save Wearables

Marcus Wohlsen
Apr 22, 2014

This may be end of the FuelBand, the Nike fitness-tracking bracelet that once represented the future of wearable computing. But with Nike’s help, a new device could rise from those ashes, a wearable that will either make or break the case for whether wearables need to exist at all: the Apple iWatch.

Why You Have to Generate Your Own Data

Scott Anthony
Apr 21, 2014

Assembling and interpreting data is fine. Please do it. But it’s hard to make a purely analytical case for a highly innovative idea because data only shows what has happened, not what might happen. If you really want to make the case for an innovative idea, then you need to go one step further. Don’t just gather data. Generate your own.

Why U.S. Carriers Are Struggling In the Mobile Ads Business

Mark Bergen
Apr 21, 2014

Telefónica's Launch of a Mobile Ad Exchange Could Prompt the U.S. Telecoms Further Along

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