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Apple to Laptop Hunters: This is Megan

Nearly two months after we first met Lauren, Mac has tapped its own laptop hunter. Like Lauren, Giampaolo, Lisa and Jackson, Megan values big screens and fast processors. But unlike her PC-loving predecessors, Megan’s final factor is usability.

Despite the belated direct response, Apple didn’t sit silently while the hunters took their shots. Mac released a slew of spots emphasizing user experience and service — a stark contrast to Microsoft’s spec-driven advertising.

Here Justin Long touts iPhoto’s facial recognition technology:

Apple’s human customer care:

And Mac’s resistance to viruses:

Some find these spots snarky, some find them tired, but unlike the “Laptop Hunter” campaign, “Get a Mac” highlights real brand differentiators — the reasons people continue to shell out more for the Apple.

True, Microsoft has finally found the traction the Jerry & Bill and I’m a PC campaigns did not provide. And despite Apple PR man Bill Evans’ brush-off, the series likely influenced Apple’s consideration of price reductions for some models. The Megan spot isn’t a game-changer, but it successfully redirects the argument toward clear, ownable brand assets PCs can’t claim. And lest we all forget, there’s another important detail the consumer would be wise to consider: the Megan spot ends without Apple giving its brand away for free.



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